While Jacksonville, Florida may be known for its bright and favorable weather, Jacksonville also boasts a vibrant arts scene that centers around cultivating artistic community. In addition to public galleries, the city offers monthly art events and festivals that appeal to art lovers of all kinds. Here are some exhibitions and events you can expect when visiting Jacksonville’s art scene.

Museums and Exhibitions

Public Murals

People who visit downtown Jacksonville are met with local art installations. Spurred by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville, the Art in Public Places Program oversees the selection, installation, and conservation of public art. Innovative arts festivals have brought dozens of top muralists to Jacksonville to contribute to this public art project.

Corks Art District

The Corks Art District is comprised of over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space. This space boasts proximity to art studios and galleries. While the district is not open on a daily basis, visitors can attend publicly advertised events or make appointments to visit.

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Located in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, the Museum of Contemporary Arts is open six days a week and offers a variety of exhibitions. Most notably, Project Atrium is located in the museum’s atrium, which showcases installations of different artists each month.

Art Events

Downtown Art Walk

Downtown Jacksonville boasts the Downtown Art Walk the first Wednesday of every month. This dog-friendly event features art exhibitions, live music and dancing, pop-up galleries, and food trucks.

Riverside Arts Market

Every Saturday from March through December features the Riverside Arts Market, which fosters a vibrant arts scene by bringing together more than 100 local artists to exhibit local arts, food, and music.

San Marco Art Festival

Nestled just a few minutes away from Downtown Jacksonville, San Marco is a historic neighborhood boasting distinct boutiques and art galleries. In April and November, the neighborhood hosts a free arts festival featuring handmade art from glass, painting, photography, jewelry, and more. When visitors grow hungry, they can then enjoy meals from the many eateries found in the dining district.

Art Republic

Jacksonville also offers a 12-day event known as ArtRepublic in November. The event curates public art showcases, immersive digital exhibitions, and brings in top artists from all over the world to support the community.

With its favorable weather and artistic demographic, Jacksonville, Florida boasts a vibrant arts scene. As Jacksonville offers a variety of art exhibitions and events, visitors are bound to find installations and festivals to please every artistic palate.