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Carin Maxey Jacksonville Artwalk

Carin Maxey’s Review of Jacksonville’s Artwalk

The Art Walk, Jacksonville, Florida, celebrated “The Spirit of Giving” on Tuesday, December 5, 2018. I recently experienced a showcase of local art, cuisine, and music for family and friends. I met the many creative individuals who call Jacksonville, Florida, home. Browsed artwork, crafts, jewelry, and textiles by local artists all while enjoying Dia de […]

Carin Maxey Exploring The Arts In Jacksonville, Fl

Exploring the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida

While Jacksonville, Florida may be known for its bright and favorable weather, Jacksonville also boasts a vibrant arts scene that centers around cultivating artistic community. In addition to public galleries, the city offers monthly art events and festivals that appeal to art lovers of all kinds. Here are some exhibitions and events you can expect […]

Carin Maxey What Playing The Piano Teaches You About Discipline

What Playing the Piano Teaches You About Discipline

Since kindergarten, the piano has played an integral role in my life. Waking up at 5:00 a.m. every morning to practice the piano not only requires dedication, but passion. On Sundays, I often play as a substitute pianist for local churches and take pride in sharing my passion with the local community. Over the years, […]

Carin Maxey Art Music Higher Education

Arts & Music in Higher Education

It is no secret that the arts and music elements of education are the first to be cut. Dating back decades, the struggle to maintain funding for arts education has been an ongoing one. As printed in the NY Times article in 1993, educators and artists have long argued that students without art are as […]

Carin Maxey Fewer Art Galleries Than Ever

Fewer Art Galleries Than Ever

Not only are several dozen galleries closing every few years, but many are never getting the chance to open in the first place. Is it the rising cost of rent? The expensive and grueling schedules of art fairs? Or maybe it’s habits of collector have become too fickle. According to the UBS and Art Basel, […]

Carin Maxey Art Prof - Learning Art Skills Online

Art Prof – Learning Art Skills Online

Art classes aren’t as easy to come by as they once were. With all the reform in schools we see today, many kids do not have access to art programs and the ones who do, aren’t getting the quality they deserve because of severe lack of funding. When it comes to adults, many don’t know […]

Carin Maxey Aunt DiAne Gates

Aunt DiAne

My Aunt DiAne Gates, whom I am so proud of, is a best-selling Christian author. Her devotional, Faith from Fiction, is #1 on Amazon. Not only is she a writer but an illustrator and photographer, too! Her work is rooted in faith and demonstrated by her blog, Moving the Ancient Boundaries. She has worked as […]

Carin Maxey Female Painters 2

The Top Female Painters of the World – Part Two

Last month, I wrote about six of the world’s greatest female painters. This month I’m going to tell you about the other six fabulous women from The Culture Trip’s list of today’s most important artists. Vija Celmins The Latvian artist, Vija Celmins, moved to the United States, Indiana specifically, when she was just ten years […]

Carin Maxey Best Female Painters

The World’s Best Female Painters

Who run the world? Girls. Especially female artists. I love decorating my home with art knowing I’m supporting another woman in her endeavour to take on the world. I came across a great article that showcases 12 of the most important painters working today, all who happen to be women. Here are 6 of these […]

Carin Maxey Florida Highwaymen

The Florida Highwaymen

When I was just a teenager, my mother and I were at a garage sale and found the most fantastic piece of art I have ever seen. We bought it for the typical garage sale price – cheap – and later found it had extraordinary value. This work of art is one of the original, […]

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