Carin Maxey has been devoted to the arts throughout her life. From the time she began kindergarten and continuing to the present day, Carin has gotten up at 5:00 AM and practiced the piano for an hour nearly every day. When she misses playing or periods of time where or has abandoned this part of her daily life, it always leaves Carin feeling discombobulated. Carin states that it is amazing how incorporating a passion into your daily routine can make you feel alive. ⠀Carin sincerely believes that if you love something, it is your duty to share your passion with others. Carin often tells others that you might be surprised to find that you learn more from giving away your passion than any other act. ⠀

During the 8th grade, Carin got her first experience playing the piano professionally when she filled in as the substitute pianist for a Baptist Church in her hometown. The church even paid Carin for her service. However, Carin’s mom taught her a valuable lesson about helping others. She told Carin to sign the check, and the next Sunday Carin returned to the church and placed the check on the offering plate. Since then, Carin has offered her piano services free of charge to any worship venue that needs a substitute pianist. Carin states it was one of the first instances where she learned how to be charitable and giving. Since then Carin has offered her piano services free of charge to any worship venue that needs a substitute pianist (which ends up being about 32 weeks out of the year). Carin Maxey has played in just about every worship venue you can imagine and for every denomination. Carin loves seeing how different people worship and express their spirituality in words, actions and music.⠀

In addition to music, Carin Maxey loves visual art. Her love affair with art began at an early age after she viewed a painting of Tarpon Springs, Florida. The painting didn’t look anything like the Tarpon Springs that Carin had seen in person. When Carin visited Tarpon Springs again she tried to see the location the way the artist saw it. This opened her eyes to the idea that not everyone sees things the same way. While Carin has never painted herself, she enjoys trying to see the world the way that an artist does. Throughout her life, Carin has made a habit of traveling to locations that inspired or are featured in paintings or writings to gain a deeper understanding of the artist’s vision.

One of Carin Maxey’s favorite group of artists is the Highwaymen. For many years the Highwaymen sold their paintings and hand made frames out of their trunks up and down I-95. Most of the paintings focused on Florida landscapes. When she was a teenager, Carin and her mother found a Highwaymen painting at a garage sale. They purchased it for a pittance and were delighted to find it had extraordinary value. Today Carin owns quite a large collection of authenticated Highwaymen paintings. A few of Carin’s paintings were featured at a Highwaymen exhibit at the Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. Carin Maxey considers her learning relationship with one of the last living Highwaymen, Al Black, a true highlight in her love of art.

Carin and her Mother spent much of their free time and vacations on “artist tours.” Carin would find an artist or author and she would research the inspiration for the work with her mother. Carin Maxey and her mother would then travel to the beach, bridge, tunnel, road, house or any place that inspired the artist or author. There they would see, taste, breathe, touch and smell everything the artist or author did to gain a more complete understanding of the work. They often even dressed in the proper period costume! Carin and her mother would then contemplate and discuss the inspiration. Carin considers these artist tours with her mother some of the greatest times of her life. Carin has continued this legacy since her mother’s passing.

Professional Overview

For over twenty years Carin Maxey has worked as an attorney in the state of Florida. Today she is based in Jacksonville. When she is not working, she enjoys watersports like paddleboarding and kayaking.